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Setting Goals & Getting Results: What to Consider When Setting Goals

HR Choice Guest Speaker; Joan Hibdon

As Labor Day is behind us and we look forward to cooler weather, many of us are also looking ahead to the New Year. Reflecting on what we’ve completed and what we want to achieve in our business for the next year. And that should always lead to what goals we want to set.

Over the past few months, clients have asked us, “Is there a simple methodology to use when establishing goals?” Our answer is, “there can be and to get there, there are a few things you need to be really clear about prior to establishing your goals.”

First of all, goals should be aligned with the Company’s vision and mission. Very simply, the vision for an organization is the statement of where it wants to go and the mission describes the work of the organization to achieve that vision.

From there, Leadership needs to identify the strategy for how it’s going to achieve its Mission and Vision. In other words, at a high level, what is the plan of action on how to get there? An example might be to expand the products or services you offer. Another might be to target a new market for your services.

For the organization to get the results it wants, it is imperative to define Goals that direct the focus and action of the team towards those measurable areas of performance. This alignment is critical.

Once the vision, mission and strategy are articulated Leadership can move forward with goal setting. Goals are most effective when there are goals established at the Company, Department and Individual level.

There are many methodologies available for establishing goals. As not ‘one-size’ fits all, we at HR Choice work with our clients to determine what would be the most effective approach. Keep in mind, it’s not the tool that you use that’s important, it’s how you use it. "It’s not the Wand, It’s the Wizard" - Duff Goldman

When establishing goals, we would recommend using the mindset that ‘less is more.’ In other words, we suggest that there are no less than 3 and no more than 7 measurable goals per Company, Department and Individual. Our experience is that when there are too many Goals, teams lose focus and the top line results are not achieved.

And one important and final step. Once goals are created, it’s important to establish the rhythm for check-in and review. Our general recommendation is to check in on goal progress at least once each month with the following in mind:

To explore how things are going;

To determine whether adjustments need to be made;

To see if any barriers exist for goal completion;

To celebrate if a goal has been completed.

Regardless of the approach you choose to use, the follow up review is key.

HR Choice has played a key role with our clients with Goal Setting and Achieving Optimum Results for the last 30 years. Contact us today! We’d be thrilled to help your organization achieve success in 2019!

HR Choice Guest Speaker; Joan Hibdon
HR Choice Guest Speaker; Joan Hibdon

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