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Mary McClatchey, is a former judge and certified mediator who has successfully settled hundreds of employment disputes. During her fifteen-year judicial career, Judge McClatchey decided and mediated all types of federal and state employment and civil rights claims. She is widely praised by employers, employees, and attorneys for her sense of fairness, her expertise in employment law, and her patience in assuring all parties are fully heard.


Experienced in both facilitative and evaluative dispute resolution methods, McClatchey excels in helping parties move away from fixed positions towards an interest-based approach. She also provides neutral case evaluation (NCE) services for employers seeking an efficient means of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of an employment law claim.

McClatchey is also a seasoned and dynamic workplace trainer. Her state-of-the-art curricula reflect her passion for combining preventive law/compliance goals with organizational culture change.


McClatchey’s prior positions include: Senior Administrative Law Judge for the Colorado State Personnel Board; General Counsel for the Colorado Civil Rights Commission in the Office of the Attorney General; trial attorney in private law firm practice; prosecutor in the Denver City Attorney’s Office; and Co-Founder of the Women’s Leadership Training Institute. She recently studied Human Resources Analytics at the Graduate School of Business at CU Denver and is located in Denver, CO.

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